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You end up in spats most frequently when you want to test a theory.

But when you know you’re dealing with someone’s feelings? But don’t stifle your feelings too much when you’re upset, or they’ll spill out at a tipping point in the future.

Your bluntness in these moments can often silence the room. ENFP Your default is “happy go lucky,” but you internalize a lot of hurt.

Eventually, you will snap and start conflict when someone close to you can’t see the way their actions are affecting you or others.

Similarly, knowing how you tend to start and extend arguments or issues can help you see where you could improve your communication in heated moments.

Personality is a big component in handling conflicts, so check out how each Myers-Briggs type deals.

When you fight: To test a theory, or when you don’t care about the outcome. You’d rather have everyone just get along than constantly fight about silly stuff.

When it comes to arguments, you’re equally as sure, and are usually stuck in your own POV, needing to “win” before the issue is settled.

You’re great at hiding the negative emotions and displaying the positive ones.

When you fight: When you can’t stifle your feelings any longer.

ISFJYou wear your heart on your sleeve with those who know you best, and you’re very sensitive to criticism.

You hate disagreements and rarely fight, often suppressing your feelings or quietly pushing back when someone says something you disagree with.

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